Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Mission

Mission San Antonio.

This is my first plein air, out after breaking the old leg. I was sitting on a tripod stool for about three hours. Oh what can I say, Numb B!
Did a second painting last week but sold it before I could photograph it. So far I have done about 30 paintings since my fall on Santa Cruz. I wished to do one a day, but can't complain!

meet Taffy

Taffy. 5x5"

I was thinking of doing alot of small paintings, put them in great little frames and hang on Christmas tree... However sometimes a tiny painting is harder than a good sized one!


mmm, I think i will do a series of Holiday candy, if i don't eat it all.
sorry i am not sure how to rotate this poor kiss!

Up the Hill

An orderly parade of Palms march up the hill above our home.